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Business analytics
One analytics solution for your entire organization. Confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data.
Visual Analytics
Visual Analytics can be seen as an integral approach combining visualization, human factors, and data analysis. It allows decision makers to combine their human flexibility, creativity, and background knowledge with the enormous storage and processing capacities.
Descriptive analytics
It is a preliminary stage of data processing that creates a summary of historical data to yield useful information and possibly prepare the data for further analysis.
Predictive analytics
These analytics are about understanding the future. Predictive analytics provides companies with actionable insights based on data.

Our Key benifits

Make quicker, more effective business decisions while competitors are still waiting for a daily batch operations report.
Content Analytics delivers insights that allow you to take action.
Spotfire instant maps provide more comprehensive connections between data and location to help you understand data at finer detail .
Any company’s supply chain is typically complex—though able to significantly affect cost structures and profits—it is ripe for the insights that analytics can unearth.

Unlock the true potential of your business data to drive insightful data-driven decisions. Our analytical solutions help in better decision making process and enabling real-time analysis

Prowesssoft’s Analytics capabilities

  • -Data – Mining, Analysis, Reporting and intelligence
  • -Business intelligence consulting and implementation
  • -Enterprise reporting
  • -Predictive analysis

Unlocking the value of Analytics

  • -Pentaho Analytics
  • -Hadoop
  • -MongoDB
  • -TIBCO Spotfire

Top reasons to choose prowesssoft

  • -Proven track record of data analytics services
  • -Multiple delivery centers across the world
  • -Expert team with advanced degrees in data analytics and research from notable universities

Prowesssoft's Analytical Solutions help in – knowing your business in metrics report, answering business query fast, identifying up-selling opportunities, making it easy to access & share information