Database Configuration


⇒ Go to the link provided and download Mysql.

⇒ Click on Download.

⇒ Mysql installer get downloaded into your device.

⇒ Click on open

⇒ Select custom ⇒ Next

⇒ You can find Available products.

⇒ Now we have to add the Mysql server.

⇒ Click on MYSQL Servers ⇒ Mysql server ⇒ Mysql server 8.0 (latest version).

⇒ On clicking on green arrow, we can add workbench.

⇒ Similarly we have to repeat same for the applications.

⇒ Add Mysql Workbench

⇒ Add Mysql Shell.

⇒ Click on Next

⇒ Click ⇒ Next

⇒ Click ⇒ Next

⇒ Click ⇒ Next

⇒ Click⇒ Execute

Server, workbench and Shell gets installed in your device.

After successful installation ⇒

⇒ Click⇒ Next

⇒ Click ⇒ Next and give “Root password”.

If you are already an existed user, use your old root password.

⇒ Click⇒ Next⇒ Next⇒ Execute

⇒ Execute

⇒ Finish⇒ Now, you can pop up a window like,

Click on Local instance⇒ type password⇒

Go to the folder location (MYSQL)


⇒ C

⇒ Program files


⇒ Mysql server 8.0

⇒ Bin

Copy the path of the Bin

Example: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin


Now open cmd (command prompt).

Paste path in CMD with cd (current directory),

Use command to access MYSQL

Command:   mysql -u root –p

Enter password: ******

We can able to see MYSQL successfully installed in our device.

We can make the use of database now.

Now, Install MySQL Yog.

Go through the above link to download MySQL Yog.

⇒ Create a new connection:

Use the password same as given in your installation of MySQL.

Make sure the database name should be the name of your database.

Then ⇒ Connect.


Go to Any Point Studio

⇒ Drag and drop database connector

⇒ Add connector configuration

⇒ Connector configuration (Give database MySQL config.)

⇒ Download manually or add dependency:







Give the details and then connect,

Check test connection if needed:

Now, you are successfully connected to your local server(database) through Any Point Studio.




Some basic commands of SQL in CMD

Mysql> create database college;(college=database name)

Mysql> use college; (uses database college)

Mysql> create table student(name VARCHAR(20), id INT, address VARCHAR(100));

(Creates table with name=student with columns name, id, address)

Mysql> Insert into student values(“ramesh”,212,”hyderabad);

(Inserts student details)

Add multiple fields and retrieve using SELECT

Mysql> SELECT * from student;

  1. Created a table in MYSQL, connected to Any point studio and retrieve the table values using Mysql commands in any point studio.

I want to retrieve the table name “student” by giving credentials.

Using command in SQL query text ⇒

SELECT * from student;


After making a Hit from postman ⇒

Retrieve successful.