Ajay Kumar Konda

Co-Founder & CTO
Ajay is Co-Founder and CTO of Prowess Software. He is an innovator and technology leader providing the best infrastructure for organizations to transform IT and harness the benefits of technology. Ajay is a passionate engineer with an impressive portfolio of experience on modern technologies and integration. He has solved several customer problems by building durable software products. He is an inspiring leader who always pushes the team to perform their duties effectively with right motivation.
  • Experience :
    10 Years
  • Since :
  • Address :
    Los Angeles, USA

Career Guidelines

Ajay believes that right team and effective collaboration can bring the best solutions to any complex problem. Previous to co-founding his company, Ajay worked as an architect at TIBCO software Inc and earned deep expertise in modern technologies and integration. Today, he is helping a lot of companies in technology and integration services with his energetic team at ProwessSoft. 

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