A glance at boomi platform- and its ability to harness salesforce consumer data

Salesforce is becoming an invaluable tool for over a million businesses globally with the ability to access and empower almost every part of the consumer relationship and marketing process. But working on data management and optimizing the potential of this compelling software isn’t always convenient. Considering this platform’s complexity and mechanism, you can understand how overwhelming it could be to run the multiple analytics and dashboard in Salesforce. Numerous businesses face similar issues which impede the application of Salesforce features to the full extent.

Significant challenges faced by Salesforce users

1.     Lean Customer Support

To mitigate the real-time challenges in business, the program needs to be tailored from time to time. SFDC provides free support here, where the user can send the concern or query or request to the support panel and receive the response within 2 days of TAT. However, users don’t need to find human assistance, but they may also come back to the appropriate guide according to the situation. Much of the time, this was not enough for the company. They end up consulting third-party suppliers for further assistance that raises the risk of significant change in their basic compulsory structure. SFDC conducts elementary training for tools and functionality to be defined by clients. However, users need real-time assistance and appropriate changes to the tool at the time of any mishaps.

2.     Customization issues

SFDC provides an all-inclusive framework for data processing, client service, and analytics. Any customization of the platform demands the subject matter’s expertise and analysis on what is compliant with integration and whatnot. It increases the bandwidth of expenditure on customization and the cost of vendor support.

3.     Challenges in providing the exclusive rights

The organization keeps several confidential reports/dashboards that certain associates of the team or high management must handle. In SFDC, however, users do not have the leverage to define the report and provide the concerned department or any team member with exclusive rights in particular. This demolished the hierarchy chart in the data access and risked the data security within an organization

4.     Long hours of unproductive work

Companies rather embrace salesforce-like integration to ease the job and provide employees with an insightful dashboard. But, if not correctly handled, the platform will turn anything into haywire. Poor management or lack of platform upgrades become an obstacle in data automation, easy access to the dashboard, and the best customer experience. This also causes your team’s frustration if they do not attain the data on a real-time basis as desired. In addition, users can access any report that stimulates data integrity problems, in the absence of any hierarchical protocol. Also, anyone can make changes to the dashboard that make the information inaccurate and unreliable and increase the chances of duplicating data.

5.     Budget Constraints

The Salesforce is a little bit on the expensive side. Although the main cost depends on data and storage limits, SFDC has tried to minimize it by offering 10 GB of free storage capacity. This may meet a small business’s requirements, but SFDC requires several customizations and compatible resources to come to a multi-centered business. Usually, to mitigate data storage problems, users purchase external databases that add thousands of more dollars to their business inventory. Another cost-additional aspect of SFDC is the need for support. SFDC has provided a critical support plan that includes free introductory consultation with the technical team and multiple self-help resources (user guides, tools, videos). To receive tailored support, the user must purchase an advanced plan or seek assistance from a third party.

Boomi and Salesforce

If you want to utilize Salesforce to its maximum potential, you need to integrate it with your legacy systems/ custom application data. Even though there are multiple options available to ease this integration, Boomi is regarded as the user’s first choice.

Why are organizations choosing Boomi?

With Dell Boomi, the integration is much swifter, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. This software is compatible with EDI, API and supports data automation, seamless updating, and unified reporting. Salesforce is the most widely used in the retail, healthcare, and financial sector because of its unique data intelligence features. Using Boomi, the user gets additional help using the SFDC feature in a much easier way. The resources offered by Boomi are the overall view of the customer. Employees can manage the customer efficiently by using comprehensive data, customer history, and various updates. Boomi allows users to collaborate quickly with SFDC platforms on any on-site or cloud application as a cloud-based platform. Accessible features such as drag and drop, pre-built dashboard enable users to create insightful reports without deep technical knowledge. Transactional reports are becoming easier. This integration gives you complete control over selecting the data source and connecting the application to the same one. It provides a thorough understanding of reports and analytics. For example, in the retail industry, with the help of Boomi, the user can quickly attach the sent quotes to the customer database and track the purchase history/service consumption so that your team can pick up where the last agent left. This increases team efficiency and eliminates the need to update the data manually or juggle between various reports. This makes the information more reliable and accurate for the team. The unified SFDC analytics dashboard helps the border and backend teams to calibrate with the latest updates. This also makes it easier to track the ongoing marketing structure’s success or demonstrate a comparative analysis. At the top of this, Boomi allows the administration to specify access rights for the reports. Admin may provide exclusive access to the team concerned and may also restrict access to the view.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the integration of Dell Boomi and Salesforce can accelerate your business growth. Boomi helps you use SFDC to the fullest extent possible to make the most of every penny you’ve invested. Multiple organizations use the same combination to streamline their company’s operations without burning their pockets or risking data security. If you’re looking forward to taking advantage of this unlimited integration opportunity, our team can help. We’ve been helping various companies to do more with SFDC integration for quite a long time. We always guarantee that we provide business-grade service to our clients and provide support and training whenever required. Feel free to get in touch with our expert if you are ready to embark on the new integration requirements.