Case Studies

Case Studies

Migration from Enosix to Mulesoft

Our customer, a global supply chain partner successfully tackled complex integration challenges between SAP and Salesforce using Enosix. In this case study, discover how this solution initially provided real-time and batch updates to SAP objects but introduced tightly coupled, point-to-point connections. There were certain limitations faced by the customer in

21th Sept 2023

Prowess Helped Logistics Major to Streamline Data Integration and API Connectivity

Our customer is a transportation, trucking, and railroad technology company that focuses on enabling importers and exporters to optimize their freight operations. To achieve this, our customer needed to overcome various challenges related to data synchronization, cross-technology communication, and API connectivity. They selected MuleSoft and Any 

5th June 2023

A Manufacturer's Journey on Digital Modernization

Our customer is a large farm sprayer equipment manufacturer based out of Indiana, distributing its equipment through a direct sales force of in-house dealerships. The customer wanted to migrate to Magento2 to streamline its order-to-cash process flow. However, they faced several challenges due to the need for in-house expertise. This case study will discuss how

2nd June 2023

Vendor Onboarding System Retail

For our client, who has an extensive vendor base and stakeholders, it was essential to ensure vendor management as non-automation led to multiple problems like No-established vendor onboarding process, Single unified platform to orchestrate tasks, Business disruption, Visibility across the process, Delivery delays, Non-sustainable multisource, Profit loss.

10th Jan 2023

Platform Support Implementation

Our retail client, providing a large & wide range of product portfolio to the customers in US were facing several challenges like ensuring environments are up and running all the time with latest applications deployed and with recent configuration updates in JBoss Web and Application servers, Impact on existing development environments, Upgrading the

6th Nov 2022

Warehouse Order Application Support

The customer who operates more than 850 stores in the United States was struggling with issues like Interconnecting various legacy and WMS applications to manage inventory, order fulfilment, shipping, packing, printing, store space optimization and resource utilization, Handling high volume of online customer orders, store orders, associates working in the 

28th Oct 2022

Logistics System Implementation

For our client, who has an extensive partner base and stakeholders, it was essential to modernize their logistics system and integrate various B2B & A2A systems. But the key challenge was Onboarding of new trading partners, automating data flow between systems & applications, Business disruption, Data control, ever changing integration needs

20th Aug 2022

Tibco CC2 Application Support

Customer has chain of retail stores engaged in the sales of wide assortment of domestic merchandise. The challenges they were facing was Integration of Enterprise Applications, large customer with live data flowing continuously, lack of visibility over legacy applications, huge number of vendors & stores, Point to point integration between specific applications of 

4th Apr 2022