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White Papers

Automation Through APIOps

Applications, by nature of its very existence, need constant changes and updates to them to stay relevant, as user needs evolve. More so, for the applications that are used the most. For any changes to applications, the lifecycle invariably consists of working toward design changes, the development work, the testing process, and deployment.

10th Aug 2022

Migration to Mule

Enterprises use multiple technology tools to implement their business functions. With the technology tools at their disposal, enterprise architecture teams implement frameworks and other reusable artifacts, accelerators, and tools that fill in the functionality whitespaces between the tools and the business use cases addressed by enterprises.

26th Apr 2022

API Design Best Practices

With the onset of digital transformation journeys for enterprises across the world, APIs have become a natural strategy for enterprises to provide access to their products and services. APIs enable easy communication and integration of various systems that help accomplish enterprise business goals. What was once a sizeable undertaking of building 

24th Feb 2022

Kafka Disaster Recovery Strategy

This paper will discuss a solution of multi-cluster Apache Kafka deployments with a disaster recovery plan where clusters are geographically dispersed ensuring that event streaming applications continue to run even if a data center fails using Mirror Maker 2.0. Also, problems and their solutions faced during implementation, some performance tuning 

29th May 2023

Salesforce Integration With ipaas Tools

“iPaaS- integration platform as a service”, gained its popularity when the business user became aware of controlling and sharing data across a number of SaaS applications. Previously, it was ESB (Enterprise Bus Service) that used standards-based services to satisfy the need of integrating applications. But, with the rise of enterprise integration middleware