White Papers

Migrating from webMethods to MuleSoft

The ability to seamlessly exchange data and coordinate workflows between different systems is crucial for any organization, regardless of its technological dependence. API integration platforms play a central role in achieving this by providing a foundation for efficient communication and process automation. Choosing the right platform is key to

03th May 2024

TIBCO BW6 and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

After a long and successful journey for TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 (BW5) in the area of enterprise application integration, the next major version of the product, TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 (BW6) was unveiled. It was a purpose-driven release, with a focus on enabling teams to develop cloud-native applications. It came with many architectural changes to the way 

05th Jan 2024

TIBCO to Mule Migration With ProwessSoft

This whitepaper aims to provide a holistic understanding of the T2M (TIBCO to MuleSoft) migration process using ProwessSoft’s T2M Accelerator. It addresses the pain-points faced by TIBCO customers, highlights the advantages of migrating to MuleSoft, and outlines the collaboration between MuleSoft and ProwessSoft. This paper also highlights a use case

11th July 2023

Kafka Disaster Recovery Strategy

This paper will discuss a solution of multi-cluster Apache Kafka deployments with a disaster recovery plan where clusters are geographically dispersed ensuring that event streaming applications continue to run even if a data center fails using Mirror Maker 2.0. Also, problems and their solutions faced during implementation, some performance tuning 

29th May 2023

Event Streaming Platforms

Event Streaming platforms provide a mechanism to store aggregated data in-memory, which enables analytics and the follow-up actionable insights derived on the fly. This detailed WhitePaper explains the emergence of Event Streaming, the architectural components that make up the Streaming Platform and then goes on to describe 

10th Aug 2022

Migration to Mule

Enterprises use multiple technology tools to implement their business functions. With the technology tools at their disposal, enterprise architecture teams implement frameworks and other reusable artifacts, accelerators, and tools that fill in the functionality whitespaces between the tools and the business use cases addressed by enterprises.

26th Apr 2022

API Design Best Practices

With the onset of digital transformation journeys for enterprises across the world, APIs have become a natural strategy for enterprises to provide access to their products and services. APIs enable easy communication and integration of various systems that help accomplish enterprise business goals. What was once a sizeable undertaking of building 

24th Feb 2022