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Drive Your Business Performance – Integrate SAP With TIBCO

There’s no denying that SAP is one of the core elements that enables your business to perform better. It improves your CRM, refines your ERP, helps you assume better control and transparency over your operations, expenses, and overall productivity.But what if SAP can do much more than those? What if you could unearth its true potential and drive your business performance with a much greater and efficient rate? What if you could extend its benefits to cloud and beyond? Yes, you can do that now through its integration with TIBCO.

Unearth SAP’s True Potential

SAP’s multi-capabilities can be harnessed to their true potential with TIBCO connectors. Here’s how you can unleash its value and use it to boost your operational efficiency.

Simplify Accessing Critical Data

For enterprises, especially medium and large, SAP systems carry a significant amount of critical data that will be needed to be accessed by a number of departments and systems across your organization. By using TIBCO connectors, you can create simple, user-friendly interfaces that help you access this data with ease

Uncover and Exploit Crucial Insights

The job isn’t done with storing or accessing data. It is important to discover and analyze crucial insights from the collected data and use them to revamp strategies and improve performance. This can be done by simply integrating your SAP systems with the data landscape using different TIBCO connectors. You have the option to use it on-premises, cloud, as well as for SaaS-based applications.

Achieve The Right Connectivity

It is quite important to have a flexible option to get the ideal SAP data for your business in the exact format you need. TIBCO Connectors will provide that option for you and enable you to use SAP connectivity interface as per your business requirement. The multitude of interfaces you can use include IDOC, BAPI, and RFC, as well as OData services.

Make The Right Move

Transform your business and take it new heights with a streamlined SAP S/4HANA transition. Our experts at Prowesssoft will enable your business to have a seamless migration. Using TIBCO connectors, you now have the option to integrate a wide variety of CRM platforms with SAP ERP and achieve complete, transparent, accurate, and reliable data that can be accessed everywhere across your organization.

<strong>Pradeep Tallogu<br></strong><sub><strong>Enterprise Architect</strong></sub>
Pradeep Tallogu
Enterprise Architect

Pradeep Tallogu brings numerous years of experience in building Enterprise Application Integration systems. He is a seasoned Integration Architect, takes ownership of building complex integration systems from scratch. He works with project stakeholders and technical teams and forms an effective liaison between the two. 
At Prowess Software, Pradeep works in Architecture Services. He works closely with Architects, Team Leads and PMs on full lifecycle of software development. He is also involved in building Technical Competency within the company. He constantly challenges his teams, prepares them for what is to come and strives to bring the best out of everyone. He is a team builder, mentor for people around him. Above all, he is a life-long learner. 

Author: Pradeep Tallogu

Head, Integration-CoE, Prowess Software Services