Premnath Jagannath

             (SVP, Customer Success)

Prem Jagannath is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to your team, with an illustrious career marked by dedication, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His leadership in the Customer Success domain, particularly in Dallas, sets a high standard for the industry. With nearly three decades of experience in IT, Prem’s journey is not just impressive but inspiring.

One of Prem’s remarkable qualities is his ability to play a pivotal role in integration projects. Integration is often a complex endeavour, requiring both technical prowess and strategic foresight. Prem’s track record speaks volumes about his capability to navigate these challenges successfully, consistently empowering customers to achieve their desired outcomes. This empowerment is not just about delivering solutions but about enabling clients to thrive in their endeavours.

Moreover, Prem’s knack for creating world-class delivery teams and frameworks is commendable. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, having robust teams and frameworks in place is crucial for sustained success. His leadership in orchestrating multi-million-dollar deals underscores his strategic acumen and negotiation skills, further solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader.

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