Migration: TIBCO to MuleSoft

About the event

This session dives deep into the common roadblocks encountered during such integration platform transitions. Prowess will unveil their solutions for a streamlined and efficient process, including their T2M technology and its advantages. The webinar also features a real-world example of a successful TIBCO to MuleSoft migration within the manufacturing industry.

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Architecture Leader – GTM & Presales, Salesforce.

Head of CoE, Prowess Software Services.

Associate Director, Prowess Software Services.


  • What are the typical challenges for migration from one integration tool to another?
  • How is Prowess uniquely placed to help migration from TIBCO to MuleSoft.
  • Prowess T2M capabilities elaborated.
  • How Prowess can add value to your business by saving your valuable efforts.
  • Business Use case – Manufacturing Company