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Harness the power of Wso2!

What is Wso2?

WSO2 is an open-source technology that offers an enterprise platform for integrating application programming interfaces (APIs), applications, and web services locally and across the Internet. The different component of Wso2 is described as below. These can be used in any combination with each other.

API Manager

  • Gain full control and visibility over your APIs.
  • Manage an API’s complete lifecycle—from inception to retirement.
  • Secure access to APIs and microservices based on open standards such as OAuth.
  • Easily combine and create different sellable digital assets to generate revenue.

Enterprise Integrator

  • It supports message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, service and API hosting needs as well as any enterprise integration pattern.
  • Consume and process streaming data, apply stream processing techniques, integrate processed data with one or more destinations.
  • Integration Connectors extends the WSO2 integration runtime engine and hides the technical complexity in connecting to any external system.

Identity Server

  • Facilitates SSO between multiple logged-in applications for an improved user experience.
  • Enables federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards (including SAML, OIDC and WS-Federation).
  • Secure access to APIs and microservices based on open standards such as OAuth.

Prowess Wso2 Services

Architecture Services

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We at prowess have a team of Wso2 experts who have hands-on experience with application architecture design and development. We provide support with the detailed system designing, Wso2 implementation, integration with the other systems. We also offer connector development, proof of concept development, and integration with multiple application design using Wso2 modules. At Prowess, we have a team of most experienced Wso2 experts who love to solve your digital transformation challenges.

  • Wso2 API Manager – We provide the best advisory on the entire API Manager environment setup. We help in all system requirements and environment compatibility related issues while making API Manager environment ready to use.
  • Wso2 Enterprise Integrator – We provide services to start using Wso2 EI in no time. Its fast, quick and easy to come up with EI environment. We help you in creating the EI environment without any hussle.
  • Wso2 Identity Server– Configuring of identity server makes easy with our support and services.

Implementation Services

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When it comes to Wso2 implementation, integration of design with on-premise clusters, clouds sources covered by our team. We also help organizations with our configuration management, CI/CD design, integration, Kubernetes, and containerized deployment designs in cloud implementation. Right from the cluster sizing, capacity plans, infrastructure designing, implementation, and latency, we cover everything organizations needed.

  • Wso2 Cluster Setup – We are experts in setting up the Wso2 clusters that works for your business.
  • Design and implementation of Integration Application – With deep expertise in designing and implementing the integration application, we are the perfect choice for Wso2.
  • Implementation of Design Patterns for Integrations, data processing
  • Configuration and deployment of Wso2 API Manager,Wso2 Enterprise Integrator,Wso2 Identity Server
  • Hardware sizing for Wso2 components (API Manager, Enterprise Integrator, Identity Server).

Platform and Business Continuity Services

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Reliability tuning to log collection and integration with the platforms, we do design configure, and implement the metric monitoring and alerts with our Wso2 analytics services. We identify key areas for improvement and help the organization to avoid errors and provide better services in Wso2.

  • Collect data from multiple sources in different formats.
  • Implement monitoring and logging changes.

Is Digital transformation and integration challenges are bothering you? We are here to help you with our Wso2 Integration services.