Salesforce Integration With ipaas Tools WhitePaper Download

iPaaS- integration platform as a service”, gained its popularity when the business user became aware of controlling and sharing data across a number of SaaS applications.Previously, it was ESB (Enterprise Bus Service) that used standards-based services to satisfythe need of integrating applications. But, with the rise of enterprise integration middleware, businesses move to implement open source and cloud-based services. However, the ESB’sdo not address the combination of open source-cloud based technology owing to its limitations. Hence, iPaaS comes in to picture to address the combination and integration of open source & cloud-services.

The 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Survey and Report by Mulesoft states that more than 95% of the businesses believe and are keen on delivering better customer experiences. This can be achieved by connecting with real people on a timely manner throughout their product/ services journey. Customer Relationship Management systems plays an important role in connecting with customers across various business touchpoints.

Salesforce being the worlds best CRM platform is the most sought-after integration by businesses as it seamlessly connects sales, marketing, customers, services and many more functions. Almost every business these days use an internal planning system or a custom resource planning application. The major challenge is to integrate Salesforce with these core/ legacy business systems/ custom applications to leverage data and enable better customer services by connecting systems, data and devices within the business environment. This whitepaper addresses the integration strategies, patterns, and middleware tools that developers can use for Salesforce integration.

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