ACTIVESPACES – Simplify The Burden Of BigData!

We help you utilize the TIBCO ActiveSpaces that provides an in-memory data grid by reducing the reliance on the costly transactional systems and boost

the performance of the data grid. This is the right choice to use in a complex environment especially when dealing with large volume of data.




Standout Customer experience

By using the ActiveSpaces, we help you utilize this as a solution to delight customers and stand out in the market as any data can be stored anywhere with real-time processing and quick decision making.


We support you to get the most out of ActiveSpaces technology in handling the large data volumes. You can dynamically add the capacity without the need to restart the entire system. It also allows the removal of expensive databases from the legacy implementations.

Real-time data access made easy

Instead of reconfiguration of servers, network, tuning the database, and redesigning the architecture, just connect with the business by transforming the digital business capabilities.

Global level reach

As it is an out of the box grid replication, it delivers the deployed access to the data and full cover data protection, especially in disastrous situations. We help you load off the heavy queries from the high-speed updates and safe production of the dataset for the performance testing.