Data Virtualization

The data is in Silos that spread across the traditional data warehouses to the breakdown of that data is the biggest challenge for the business teams.

Data Virtualization transforms the complex data into a simple manner that helps businesses to organize the data in a better way. We at Prowess Software provides the utmost support to the TIBCO Data Virtualization and enhance your capabilities.




Creation of virtual data layer

Using the semantic consistency by amalgamating the distributed data sources, diverse and on-premises, the TIBCO virtualization allows creating a virtual data layer.

Simplified Data warehouse

Transform the diversity into opportunity with the deployment of analytics data management across the diversified data technologies, types, and users.

Facilitate cross-silo data integration

It allows businesses to create an enterprise data foundation that facilitates the cross-silo data integration and ingestion of external providers of data and hides the complexity by supporting the API security, governance, and manageability.

High performance

The acceleration of queries through the optimizer rules, costs, and massive processing engine. It supports the 15+ cache out of the box and clusters to meet scalability, reliability, and availability of SLAs

Provide better security

The software is policy dived and well planned in multi-level security down to the cell level. It allows flexible authentication, authorization, encryption, and masking of the data.