Prowess has been working on the TIBCO EMS which helps your business to standardize the application to application and server to server communication. 

It is the best software to use it in your integration space.



Simplified Integration

We simplify your integration needs using TIBCO EMS. It ensures the most efficient and faster integration of various applications in the enterprise environment with a centralized EMS server.

Reliable solution

EMS based communication is highly reliable and enhances the delivery of the message. EMS based messaging is the most recommended choice for critical data applications.

Better Security

The secure messaging system between the applications and systems can be built with TIBCO EMS. It provides administrative controls and high-level security that includes SSL for the client to server and server to server.


It reduces operational costs through flexible deployment architectures that ease the management, administration, and monitoring. The data that is trapped in silos can be unlocked and hence increases the operational flexibility and information flow.

PROWESS TIBCO UNIFY SERVICES – Unification of data in a smart way!