The world is connected with billions of people and digital technologies which interact in real-time. It opened towards the new door towards disruptive competitive

advantages. Prowess TIBCO BusinessEvents services help you achieve more and explore beyond the possibilities.


Allows construction of UML based models

The BusinessEvents allows users to build a UML based models for applications, services and servers that are deployed. It can identify the exceptional patterns that impacts the overall outcomes.

Modelling and management of states of events

The state model that is based on the UML describes the applications, services interaction as part of the processbasing on the relevant event length.

Application of rules

The key to successful CEP where the rules dictates the information flow and enables real-time behaviour. The rules engine is based on RETE network which consists of all rule dependencies and business rules that makes the business user aware of the situation, allows to track and trace the business events

Flexible event capturing

Supports event-driven architecture that is required for the real time business. It captures and process events that are routed TIBCO’s own integration, messaging infrastructure. It captures and process events from within other vendors.