MASHERY – Unlock the API-led Innovation and agility!

The TIBCO Mashery is designed as a native-cloud API platform where businesses can manage API from everywhere. The digital business today needs a leading

API platform to unlock the value of agility and enterprise-scale security for the protection of the API assets. The APIs connect with every digital business platform right from the powering of digital marketplaces to the connectivity of API-led of cloud, data, and legacy right from the edge.

Prowess team supports your organization to open all the key offerings of Mashery for your business and deliver market-leading full lifecycle of API management capabilities for the enterprises that are adopting Containers, Microservices, DevOps. The capabilities of API cover the productization, security, analytics, and creation of your API program.




API’s creation from any data source

Mashery allows users to model from any data source and use it as a contract first modelling using the open API Spec, native Node.js hosting implementations. One can choreograph the API of cloud-native apps, event-driven API, and other non-REST protocols for the creation of API.

Manage and engage the API consumers

We help you with TIBCO Mashery as it eases the defining of API products and markets them through discoverable API products covering microservices within Kubernetes. Hence manage and engage the API consumers’ community using the developer API portals.

Robust Security

Mashery provides fine-grained control over the user community access to the APIs. It defines access and security policies between the different consumers and usage of traffic across the single system management for your API gateway and micro gateways that are embedded.

Real-time Analysis

We let you monitor, visualize the custom operational and KPIs usage at different levels. It allows visualization of analytics in Mashery and can also export the streaming data for the advanced analytics using the TIBCO Spotfire.