PROWESS TIBCO SPOTFIRE- Smart, Secure, Flexible, And Scalable Business Analytics Tool!

Prowess Software services provide support to an extremely powerful analytical platform from the TIBCO which provides valuable business insights in a better way

It also provides data visualization, predictive analytics, and capabilities for your business.




Multiple data points in the single-shot analysis

Spotfire allows users to amalgamate the data into a single analysis which simplifies the overall view and enhances the quick decision process in business. The software is smart AI-driven that makes it easier to plot into the interactive data on maps.

Easy and secured operational and analytics dashboards

We all know that creation of both the dashboards is a challenging one but Spotfire made it easy. We help your business to get the same capabilities that add more value to the data presented.

Predictive analysis

The predictive analysis includes various statistical techniques like machine learning, data mining, and the predictive modelling which anticipates the emerging trends and help business in making better decisions which in turn add more confidence at a high level.

High-level Collaboration tools

The contextual collaboration capabilities of the Spotfire supports the natural decision-making process and formalized workflow with social analytics. The collaborative BI approach can capture the social moments, ideas, hypotheses, insights with peers, advisers, and customers that add more power to your business