Prowess Tibco StreamBase

At prowess, we had collective experience in handling the TIBCO StreamBase where organizations can build better even driven apps at a fraction of the cost.

It is one of the industry’s leading event processing platforms that applies the math and relational processing to real-time data streams.It helps in analyzing the streaming data at a faster pace. Hence enhances the real-time operations and the analytics to the next level.




Jump into the action with real-time insights

Insight-driven is not just all about finding or discovering key insights, but more than that. It is about making the right decision and actions at a precise moment that has a high impact. The real-time decisions and actions can help businesses acquire, increase, and retain the customers and hence improves the operational efficiencies.

Affordable real-time applications

Analysis of real-time data feeds and high throughout is not difficult and expensive anymore with TIBCO StreamBase. Turn it with shorter development cycles. Low costs, built-in integration, and deployment capabilities. Hence reduces the expenses connected with the hardware and operations.

Track changes in a smarter way

It allows interaction with real-time data via self-service charts, alerts, and queries and can respond in real-time that helps in the detection of the potential risks and opportunities. It visualizes the updates and push the businesses immediately to act on the data that matters 1the most.

Leverage IoT data

It provides the power of leveraging the IoT data with real-time decisions. The TIBCO Streaming powered with technology to accelerate the relevant and urgent business events and allows users to act in real-time to the complex event streams.