SALESFORCE EINSTEIN ANALYTICS – Harness the power of data & switch on real-time decision making!

Our Salesforce experts help you uncover the actionable insights where business and customer data helps in accelerating the overall growth depending on the projections, that are data-driven with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. The Einstein analytics leverages the AI to uncover the insights, product results, and improves the overall efficiency.


Unlock the field service insights

Field service analytics helps businesses to track the performance of their field service executives in detail. So, there will not be any gaps in the overall output. Our professionals create a personalized dashboard that provides better flexibility.

Supports multiple source analysis

Einstein Analytics allows us to access the actionable insights from all business sources that are within Salesforce. It helps in seamless app integrations, CRM with the built-in framework, and the consistent data view that access the new insights. We implement all these things and match up with your purpose.

AI-Powered insights

Businesses can make smart moves with the help of Artificial intelligence like sales, services, and other marketing insights. It also helps in unlocking the recommendations and usages of analytics across the Salesforce platform.

Customized analytics

Our Salesforce professionals help you get the right and exact information about your business demands and performance using the analytics. We develop customized analytics on Einstein Analytics, where you can collaborate and share insights across the team.