SALES CLOUD – Accelerate the productivity of your sales teams!

Are you thinking about taking your business to the next level? Have you recently purchased Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce Service cloud? Prowess software will take you through the step by step approach into the Salesforce and eliminates the bottlenecks. We provide the cost-effective solutions and minimize the risks in CRM solutions implementation and boost your ROI.


Intelligent Omni channel

The Service cloud in Salesforce allows multi-channel communication where businesses can provide the customer support across the channels. It routes all towards appropriate agents.

Appropriate assignment mechanism

The cloud case management covers the lifecycle of prioritization after creation, escalation after assignment and closure after the reassignment in a better way. It analyses each and everything in detail to set assignment mechanism.

Migrate to the lightning experience

Power up the sales team with the top Salesforce features and boost sales with smarter and intelligent tools. We at Prowess has an expert team of Salesforce professionals who can support your sales team throughout the journey.

Automate the marketing funnel

With Pardot marketing, businesses can create, deploy, and manage targeted marketing campaigns with automation. Sales collaboration with the marketing teams can help in generating quality leads and shorten the cycles for sales.

Integration Support and Enhancement

Prowess Software Services is a specialist in Salesforce integration. We help your team to integrate the Sales cloud with the ERP, CTI, email, Social media, and other AppExchange solutions and on any third-party solutions. We also provide the end-to-end sales cloud support and end-user training that maximizes your sales potential.