SERVICE CLOUD – Give power to your customer service teams!

The Salesforce Service Cloud support and helps organizations to deliver better customer service with the best user experience while cutting down costs. We are experts in the Salesforce service cloud and can leverage this feature to provide an advantage for your organization. We at prowess software services help you in service cloud implementation, Integration, consulting, and migration.


Omni Channel Routing

The customer support teams can deliver quick service by establishing effective and efficient communication channels at different customer touchpoints like web, email, social media, and more. The Omnichannel routing in the service cloud gets all the cases and routes smartly to the relevant agents to take quick action.

Service wave analytics

The service wave analytics transforms the insights into the action. It powers up the wave analytics into the Salesforce service cloud. The service managers can check the cases and optimize the channels across any device from anywhere.

Social customer service

The customer support teams utilize the tool in managing the various social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These social handles linked with the Omnichannel routing is a paramount feature for different business domains.

Service Cloud Migration

By migrating to the Salesforce Service Cloud, businesses can establish an efficient customer service. We at Prowess has a team of experts who can help you in Service cloud migration which includes transferring the critical data and information. We also help you migrate from a classical Service cloud to a Lightning Serve cloud with ease.