TIBCO EBX – A one-stop solution to manage shared data assets!

Prowess software has great TIBCO EBX capabilities where organizations can avoid the silos with all in one approach at a single stop for governing, managing,

and consuming all the shared data assets. So, the business teams which aren’t able to rely on simple office automation or outdated data management tools, EBX can be a pioneer in data assets management with a one-stop solution for shared data assets.





One-Stop solution

EBX software allows you to manage all the data assets at one stop that covers the quality of the data, role-specific applications, and much more. It is the one-stop tool that has everything in-built in a unified package where no multiple proprietary toolkits are needed.

A perfect fit for the entire business

EBX software designed to meet complete business requirements. It is not restricted just for data experts and developers. It allows collaboration across the organization. The self-service capabilities allow users to manage, govern, and consume the data assets with one unified solution.

Model any master data with ease

Using the EBX software, we can model any master data between the domains without looking for separate solutions. Hence, we can keep master data from any domain. The EBX works with SAP, BCP, TM1, and OneStream.

Flexibility and Agility

The custom applications and MDM solutions that are built-in with some need are difficult to change. The EBX software is highly flexible and agile that uses a unique approach with configurable applications. Hence eliminates expensive and endless development projects.