Tibco Use Cases

How we enhanced Customer Experience using TIBCO

The customer experience is a lot more than customer services as it encompasses the interactions of the customer in their journey. Great customer experience can add value to the company and keep them loyal which is required for any business or organization to be successful. The right customer experience should be a central part of the go-to-market strategy but, practically it is not as easy as it sounds.

TIBCO BusinessWorks

TIBCO BusinessWorks software is a highly reliable, and secure service that plays a vital role in the business. By using the TIBCO BusinessWorks, the integration specialists implement various application strategies that are led by modern cloud-based API approaches using microservices and containers that are built within.

The software simplifies the development complexity with zero coding model and hence helps in reducing the cost and fasten up the market time. It empowers the users to connect with digital assets via tailored integration experiences.

Benefits of TIBCO BusinessWorks

1.A full-on Integration platform

It simplifies the enterprise level integrations at one platform across the development process that covers process, design, testing, debugging to the monitoring of the Integration.

2.Highly extensible environment

The platform provides a highly extensible environment that supports modern integration technologies with various commercial and open-source DevOps tools.

3.Adopts to Cloud-native

It improves the agility of your business that simplifies and accelerates the cloud migration and embeds the tools that simplify the cost-effective integrations into any cloud environment.

4.Control and flexibility

By using seamless connectivity, you can implement changes in the management controls to the preferred control system version. It identifies and eliminates unused resources by using a visual analyser.

How ProwessSoft helped a leading organization to enhance their Customer Experience using TIBCO

ProwessSoft is a leading TIBCO services firm, has decades of collective experience in handling the TIBCO products for global clients.

We have solved many business problems using TIBCO suite of products with our expertise. One of the challenging experience was enhancing the customer experience for a leading retail chain who is providing a high portfolio to its customers via multiple channels.

Client’s Expectation

The customer is using an old version of the mainframe customer repository that has data in silos. So, they planned to move to a new platform where they can support multiple channels and can view the data at one place in a single view.

Migrating over 200M customers with more than 600M records from old to new is not as easy as it sounds. Our experts have analysed the problem and decided to migrate with Oracle using the TIBCO BusinessWorks, EMS, BusinessEvents, and Master Data Management.


We put forward various challenges that are coupled with the existing case. To our surprise, we found that over 350M customers, 1B preferences, and 4B records, in this case, to sort out and resolve the migration problem.

We have noticed that there is a lot of duplicate entries across multiples systems with different types of codes.

Team, identified that the quality of the data is the biggest concern in the older system, inheriting the same might cause issues to new systems

The transfer of big data across different data centres is also a challenging one. The traditional applications and systems are more batch-oriented and the real-time processing is new to many stakeholders as the historical data has crossed over 20TB with 10B records is another challenge before us.

Solution and Outcomes

Our team has used the TIBCO BusinessWorks to integrate the legacy channels and sales channels into ESB. We have used the TIBCO BusinessEvents with coherence to maintain a huge cache of 350M customer’s key data for faster lookups.

We have written the complex business rules using the TIBCO BusinessEvents’ stand-alone and decision manager features. Our team has used TIBCO Master Data Management to maintain the historical changes data with low latency in the retrieval and loading.

The batch orchestration framework design to trigger and maintain the batch process after the store hours are closed.

Our experts have used TIBCO EMS to configure the process very high batch loads to multiple systems in real-time by using the routing and bridging with failover.

We have used different sales channels like POS, Online, Mobile that enable us to collect data and respond within 300ms SLA for a given transaction. The final result is our satisfied customer and a big success.

It adds new confidence to our team to solve the most complex issues in an organized way by using TIBCO products.