Ajay Konda

                     (Chief Growth Officer)

Ajay Konda is the CTO and Co-founder of Prowess Software Services, a company that specializes in providing innovative integration solutions to businesses. Ajay is a passionate engineer who strongly believes in the importance of application integration, which often goes overlooked in favor of other business applications. As a result, managing point-to-point integrations across different business units becomes a costly and complex endeavour.

With this in mind, Ajay and his team at Prowess Software Services help organizations build state-of-the-art integration landscapes that are highly scalable, reusable, and productive over long periods. Ajay is driven by his passion for solving customer problems and building durable software products in the integration services space, while enabling his team to perform their duties effectively.


Ajay’s appetite for API Integration Stories, API Integration Accelerators, and creating a Center Of Excellence for Integration is the driving force behind Prowess Software Services’ efforts to assist clients in their digital transformation journey. Ajay firmly believes that the right team and effective collaboration can solve any complex problem. Thus, he is focused on building a rockstar team that can confidently tackle big integration problems.

Ajay’s dedication and passion for integration challenges are the cornerstones of Prowess Software Services’ success. He welcomes problem solvers who are ready for a new challenge to join the Prowess family and help the company continue to make a positive impact on businesses worldwide.

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