Accelerate from Mule 3 to Mule 4

In the ever-evolving world of integration, staying current is not just a choice but a necessity. Mule 4 brings a host of enhancements over its predecessor, Mule 3, providing improved application maintenance simplicity, enhanced extensibility, and superior performance.

This webinar, unravels the significance of migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4 and equip you with the knowledge to seamlessly transition your integration landscape. In this webinar, you will also gain insights into:

  1. Discovering the compelling reasons to transition from MuleSoft 3 to 4, including the simplification of application maintenance, heightened extensibility, and superior performance.

  2. Uncovering the strategic approach to migrating from MuleSoft 3.X to 4.X. Learn the best practices, key considerations, and how we can accelerate this transition, ensuring a smooth and efficient upgrade process.