Modernize and Accelerate B2B Journey with Anypoint Partner Manager

About the event

Embark on a transformative B2B journey with our upcoming webinar, “Modernize and Accelerate B2B Journey with Anypoint Partner Manager.” Get into key areas that redefine the B2B landscape:

  1. Explore the catalysts reshaping B2B interactions, navigating the current triggers for modernization in today’s business ecosystem. Unravel its modern B2B stack designed for streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration.
  2. Discover how ProwessSoft accelerates B2B modernization with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring adaptability and resilience in evolving business scenarios.
  3. Witness the real impact as we showcase Anypoint Partner Manager in action, providing a live demonstration of its seamless B2B integration and optimization capabilities.
Join us for an event that transcends traditional webinars, offering practical insights, connections with industry experts, and a glimpse into the future of efficient B2B collaborations. Seize the opportunity to propel your B2B journey forward—reserve your spot now and be part of the evolution in B2B excellence!



(Director of Product Management, Salesforce)


(VP Integration Practice, Prowess Software Services)


(SVP Americas, Prowess Software Services)


  • Understand B2B modernization triggers in the business landscape.
  • Exploring Anypoint Partner Manager’s modern B2B stack.
  • Interact with industry speakers and gain expert insights.
  • Future-Proof Approach – how ProwessSoft accelerate B2B modernization.
  • DEMO: Witness Anypoint Partner Manager in action.