APIs are good, But you still need an integration platform (TIBCO)

“We do business digitally”- Does this sound familiar to you? Of course, “digital business” is the buzzword these days as almost every organization wishes to be fully integrated and connected. Such companies aim to utilize technology to offer innovative ways to collaborate, connect, bridge people & devices, and ensure business automation. For automating business processes, industries started working on legacy systems (such as custom CRM or ERP solutions) with on-premises servers to keep their data secured. But these businesses could not connect to the cloud services as behind firewalls and on-premise servers restrict to thrive and stay put with the competitive landscape. Hence it was essential to go for a cloud-based and SaaS technology transition, which appears harder and expensive.

APIs are more than just plug-n-play

The most critical challenge for businesses in system transition is the secure data transfer from on-premises to cloud and from cloud to various devices. Data is vital and is required to be processed in real-time for making informed decisions, connecting with end-to-end business processes, engaging with vendors and partners, and building a connected ecosystem. That is where APIs have established their strength to exploit various possibilities & opportunities, foster innovation, and excellent customer service. API led integration have been doing rounds because of its widespread availability for almost every solution. It has led to the foundation of a myth in customers to think that it is just plug-and-play. However, APIs are only the interface, and hence integration is required for two systems to interact over a network (by using the interface -API). While APIs have its set of benefits, it also requires a great deal of development expertise as API led integrations are continually advancing and calls for developers who can keep up with evolving APIs. The more straightforward and simpler integration techniques (like APIs) go for mini or microservices, but integration requires a defined architecture and logic for macro services. It is why businesses opt for middleware integration platform/ integration connectors, a more practical approach. Businesses tend to use a combination of different services to syndicate mini and macro services into a single API to operate their systems efficiently. Legacy systems held a huge amount of data that needs transformation so that the receiving system understands it. Still, there was a need for APIs to connect with the backend systems and manage data flow. Such functions are no less than a cakewalk for integration platforms like TIBCO. As a Tibco Elite partner, ProwessSoft has helped clients transform into a digital business by automating workflows, leads, process orders, providing a low barrier entry, quick results, and most importantly, synchronizing data with Salesforce.

The Prowess Approach

Here’s a scenario explaining how we achieved customer success by seamless Tibco- Salesforce integration. A renowned medical equipment provider that aims towards simple yet clinically appropriate and quality healthcare delivery utilize Salesforce (for coding, billing, order management, and auditing) with Microsoft dynamics 365 (for finance and operations) in the same environment to reap better benefits of ERP platforms. However, the firm realized that despite these are intelligent systems, there is a disconnect due to data flow. Since the two platforms are diverse, it isn’t elementary to function. The existing system also posed as a barrier to sales. The usage of two potential software tools leads to confusion in customer minds because of user interface and documentation. The purpose of streamlining the business process with two systems vanished when customers complained it was difficult to operate. The company realized that for internal consumption, APIs’ maintenance and management were simpler, but the process looked complex and time-consuming for external consumption. It also aimed to spend time and focus on business growth and new product development rather than managing APIs and updating technical documentation. We realized that it is essential to establish a link between the two platforms to synchronize the data and additional integrations to function effectively by sharing data and business processes. Our team carried out a robust software integration process through “Tibco Business Works and Scribe Insights” to establish a connection between the two applications for bi-directional functionality and smooth data flow to resolve this challenge. With Tibco Scribe, we created a process that resolves CRM APIs issues and knew when & which data record needs updating. The core integration engine and connectors from Tibco Scribe take care of the systems’ data formats to be integrated and facilitate a smooth transfer of data between applications. Since multiple departments within the company are using the two systems, Tibco integration kept the data in sync with new and old systems. It also helps in analyzing the movement and manipulation of data.

The benefits delivered by Salesforce-MS Dynamics integration through Tibco include:

1.      Streamlined cross-sell & marketing 2.      Saving the resources for business development 3.      Accurate data availability 4.      Auto-updating of product pricing 5.      Easy tracking and monitoring of product orders, purchase details and billing 6.      Quick transfer of sales order to Salesforce for better sales insights and increased sales 7.      The self-serve features, sales & payment history insights and interactive documentation facility allows less customer support time 8.      Easy management and maintenance of APIs, even a non-developer can configure 9.      The company saved extensively on development costs and improved flexibility

Way Forward to Integrating your eco-system

It is always acceptable to depend on your existing internal software system as long as it meets your business demands. Still, if it hampers the connectivity with outside parties and businesses, it is the time for transformation & innovation through integration. Prowess Software will always develop simple and straight integration solutions and play a crucial role in real-time integration and deployment with Tibco BusinessWorks & Scribe to resolve your company’s challenges.