Asynchronous Processing Alternatives

Problem Statement: Losing data while asynchronously processing data using web Services- Impact: While sending data from one location to other using webservices and if the service is not available, data is lost midway. Overview: Asynchronous processing provides the ability to connect with external systems where one needs extra processing power or to store the data in external storage units. There are different ways of transferring data asynchronously. i.e., through
  • Web Services
  • Java Messaging Service
  • VM connectors…etc.
When it comes to asynchronous communication through webservices, if the requested service is not available then the system throws an error losing the Information being sent unless stored for retransmission. Alternative:
Fig.1: Image showing topic and queue models for message delivery.
Java Messaging Service would be a choice to go, where the payload being sent are stored in a queue or topic in JMS Server. The server looks for the availability of the requested system, if available the payload is delivered else waits till the service goes online. JMS provides acknowledgements in response of message delivery. Even if message is lost, JMS server has the capability to restore the lost message. Conclusion: Asynchronous processing of data causes increase in thread concurrency, opting for a loosely coupled system like JMS helps in decreasing the throttling of Vcores and helps in establishing a reliable connectivity. Name: Badam Murali Vikas Reddy                                                  EmployeeID: E450