Boomi API Management supports both internal and external authentication types.

Configure External Broker as Gateway using External Authentication

As mentioned in Blog 3, Boomi API Management supports both internal and external authentication types. External authentication is handled through an authentication broker that uses third-party providers supports OpenID and an enhanced basic authentication.

Below is the step by step procedure to install External Broker, Configure External Broker as Gateway for authentication in Boomi Platform.

Navigate to Gateways à External Authentication.config-server

Click on New and choose Authentication Broker.authentication

Install Broker in your local machine and complete the

Once Broker installed and is Online Navigate to Broker settings.

Add cluster node – localhost

Update Bind address – http://localhost:8080

Click on Save and restart the Broker.

Navigate to Broker information and Click on Restart Broker.

Once the Broker is Online, Perform a Health check of the Broker.

Open New Tab in Browser and enter URL http://localhost:8080/authkeycloak

The above screen should be displayed so that the Broker health check is done and running fine.

Extending External Broker as Gateway

Navigate to Configure Server à Gatewaysconfig-server

Click on Add a Gatewaygateway

Choose Add a Broker as a Gateway and Click on Next.gateway

Select Above configured Broker from Available Brokers Drop down and Click on Create Windows_Broker_Gateway.gateway

Windows_Broker_Gateway is now extended as a Gateway and is Online.gateway

Attach an Environment to Broker Gateway Follow from step 2 – step 12 under Configure Gateway using API Key Controlled Authentication in Blog 3.

We can see Environment is attached to Gateway as below.gateway

Configure an External Authentication Source

Navigate to Configure Server à External Authentication

Click on New and Choose Authentication Source.gateway

Configure as Below Name – BasicAuth Identity provider Type – Basic Authentication.gateway

Attach Authentication Broker – Windows_Broker_Gateway to Authentication Source – BasicAuth from Dropdown.gateway

Configure Users:

Click on Next define Groups and Roles id needed.gateway

Navigate to General and click on Save and Send to Broker.

Navigate to Configure APIs and Applications and click on Deployed APIs.gateway

Click on APIs by Gateway.gateway

Change Authentication Type to External authentication provider and choose Authentication source as BasicAuth and Click on Save.gateway

Navigate to Applications and Click on Add an application under Windows_Broker_Gateway.gateway

Choose Gateway – Windows_Broker_Gatewaygateway

Configure Application and subscription refer to section Create an Application and Subscription in Blog 3.

Testing the Employee API Service using Postman (for External Broker Authentication)

1. Click on New

2. Configure request as below.

Method: POST

URL: http://localhost:8077/ws/rest/v1/employee-service/employee_details/ (From Text editor)

Click on Authorization Tab

Type: Basic Auth Username: xxxxxx Password:1234 (Configured in Authentication Source)gateway

Add to: Header
Key: x-api-Key Value: xxxxxxxxxxxx (API-Key from Text editor)gateway

Click on Body – > select raw and type XML.
<Employee> <Id>123</Id> </Employee>    
     Click on Send.gateway

This completes exposing RESTful web service using Boomi External Broker Gateway Authentication.