Data Formats Unavailability

Problem Statement:

Inaccessibility of  few data formats in MuleSoft


Inspite of the availability of a wide range of data formats in mule there are few data formats which are yet not supported by mule. According to the documentation provided by MuleSoft the list of supported data formats included are

  • Supported application formats:
  • Supported image formats:
  • Supported text and multipart formats:

For example if we consider the case of image formats the only supported formats are, Png ,gif ,jpeg .There are many other frequently used image formats that are not yet supported in mule like svg for vector image and Geo Tiff for dealing with geographical information like locations tagged images ,tiff, bitmap , webp etc.


This inaccessibility of  data formats may lead to generating uncertainty while dealing with connectors which use those unsupported  data formats.


Identifying and including  those missing  data formats may increase the possibility of interacting with a wide variety of formats of data.