How Salesforce Health Cloud is Transforming Healthcare Industry

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The Healthcare industry has transformed a lot by adopting the new technologies.

The Healthcare industry has transformed a lot by adopting the new technologies to provide the best care and manage the entire team in an organized manner. The Health Cloud offers a better work-life balance across the healthcare management industry. It also ensures better outcomes for the patients which reduced the overall workload.

The healthcare and life sciences organizations are focused mainly on improving the health outcomes and driving the overall efficiencies focusing on the processes. Many organizations are still depending upon the legacy and separate systems.

The health journey is very important and the Salesforce Health Cloud strengthens the relationships and builds utmost trust with the customers.

A New Transformation begins in Health Care Industry 

HealthCloud is all about the patient relationship, not records. Here are some of the ways about how the Health Cloud helped organizations to build deeper relationships.

An end to end patient view

Users can access the patient profiles, team networks, care plans, and health timelines that include the clinical data and patient interactions.

Smart collaboration

Salesforce Health Cloud offers smart management tools where the care providers and the teams can keep their focus on the variety of tasks as well as the patients that need more attention.

Personalized experience

Drag and drop ease and secured patient community is the mark of Salesforce Health Cloud. It is the main reason why organizations choose Health Cloud. It also helps the entire care team across any device.

Salesforce Health Cloud and Its feature set
The Shield

The Salesforce shield addresses the most complicated governance and compliance requirements which offer an extra mile concerning visibility and control. It ensures better control of the PHI data and handles it most securely.

  • Field Audit Trail
  • Platform Encryption
  • Event Monitoring
The Health Cloud

Customers can access the data model built that is built around the patients and specially designed for a clinical setting by utilizing the FHIR standards. Hence it reduces the customization and the guessworks. Salesforce continuously innovates with three seamless upgrades every year and keeps the customers up to date and simplifies even more in every upgrade.

  • Complete Patient View
  • Health Timeline
  • Patient Profile
  • Care team network
  • Care Team Productivity

Smart Task management

  • The collaboration of the Care Team
  • Concurrent Care plans
  • Care plan management and customization
  • Advanced patient segmentation and the lists
  • Risk stratification (Einstein Analytics)
  • Patient conversions and leads management
  • Health cloud empower- Mobile components for care team and patients
  • Lightning experience
  • House-holding map
  • Survey functionality or assessments
  • Field service lightning integration
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Individual Patient Model
  • Clinical Data Model
  • HL7 v2 ADT Adapter
  • EHR Integration
  • HL7 integration
Salesforce Service Cloud

The 360-degree view of each patient and member enables the smarter service. It helps in leveraging the powerful features of Service Cloud. The Service cloud helps in delivering personalization across every member and patient’s interaction.

  • Service Console
  • Case Management
  • Case escalation rules and queues
  • Case capture: Web and Email
  • Case Auto-Assignment
  • Case Email-Auto response
  • Milestone tracker
  • Activity and task management
  • Service contracts and entitlements
  • Knowledge base
  • CTI Integration
  • Omnichannel routing and supervisor
  • Order and Asset management
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Entitlements and Service contacts
  • Chatter Collaboration
  • Salesforce mobile
  • Customized page layouts and profiles
  • Google apps and AppExchange integration
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Unlimited Customer Applications
Health Cloud during COVID-19

The Salesforce Health Cloud has transformed the healthcare industry, especially during the COVID-19 scenario. It provides the COVID -19 care response solution that provided free access to the technology for the emergency response teams, care management teams, and the health systems responding to the pandemic.

This solution turned very beneficial to the users especially to provide emergency aid to the patients in maintaining their health and wellness utilizing the system. It provides a no-cost service for six months and after that, the plan continues with a specific rate.

The solution included these features
Pre-configured Health Cloud Org

It helps in managing the huge patient’s data through the phone, chat with emergency response contact center solutions.

The Encryption, Audit Trails, and Monitoring

It provides the security, privacy for any type of patient’s data to build a secured communication within the system.

The self-service resource center

Salesforce Health Cloud has provided a distributed, trusted information regarding the self-service resource center to handle the call and message loads


We can say, Salesforce health cloud is a technology that provides effective management and care in a nutshell. It helps in spreading a network of caregivers and health providers to connect anytime and anywhere. With Salesforce Health Cloud, we can offer smarter, personalized healthcare to every patient.

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