A Simplified Guide on Implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a health CRM IT system that acts as a connection to doctor-patient, record management, and more. The private communities and patients can explore the plans, connect with the health providers. It also allows patients to find answers to common questions and fill out the forms in advance for doctor appointments.

Salesforce Health Cloud – What exactly it offers for the healthcare industry?

The Salesforce Health Cloud empowers the triggers and work processes to make a significant change and consideration of the data that is accessible to patients, suppliers on any associated gadget used. The level of access enables the patients to access valuable information like care plans and other stuff.

Clinical system

The clinical data model captures the information from the electronic records and the goals and problems associated with a particular healthcare plan and store them in a single platform that makes it easy to access. Clinical knowledge is highly essential for the execution, design, and management of particular care plans for the patients.

Data Model setup

In the health cloud, you can lay the foundation with your data model in the entire system. The understanding of such a data model is very important to flourish the implementation and adoption of the Health Cloud System. Once you finalize the data model, you will be able to have the customizations by adding the custom objects, automation, and fields that can help out your organization’s distinctive needs.

The care plan setup

The care plans set up is tailored based on your organization’s requirement. The care coordinators create one or more healthcare plans per person when there are multiple care plans in the organization. The care plan covers all the problems, tasks, and goals information related to the patient in detail.

Timeline view system

The timeline view setup can take every customer on their personalized journey that can provide an everlasting experience. It helps you to provide customers with a 1-1 personalized experience across the various channels. It also helps to build the customer journey which empowers you to manage the past and future of the various healthcare events with ease. Hence it helps in keeping the patient data on track.

Salesforce Health Cloud Setup/Implementation process

Step 1

  • Go to Salesforce Org and check the option “contacts to Multiple accounts” under account settings is enabled or not.
  • The health cloud package cannot be installed or implemented unless the Shared contacts feature is enabled.

Step 2

  • Health Cloud package installation
  • Enter the installation link from the terms and conditions section of the contract into the browser.
  • Log in as a system admin and click on the install button.

Step 3

  • Setting up your organization
  • Set up MY domain (need to wait for the domain registration) and deploy to the users.
  • Assign default record types, layouts, and permissions to the profile of the system administrator. Make sure you are a service cloud user and can access the Health cloud console.

Step 4

  • Configuration of Health Cloud permission sets, Profiles, and the roles
  • Manage the multiple users who make up Health Cloud admins, internal users, and patients. Care coordinators and the members of the care community.

Step 5

  • Customization of Health Cloud Console
  • You can edit the key components and the attributes that are required to make the health cloud fit with your organization’s needs.

Step 6

  • Migration of Patient Data
  • The patient creation can be done in two ways, a job flow that creates the patients and mapping the group and data from the candidate patient objects and the other patient objects in detail. These settings control the processes which are available for customization so that you can control the creation and data mapping of the patients that are flowed in your organization.
Before implementation of the Salesforce Health Cloud, you should know about the real meaning of it and the services it provides with its application. Some companies who are offering the Salesforce Health Cloud implementation services offer only in building the application. You can customize and implement the application based on your needs and necessities.